Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Organizations
The NCCAOM’s primary mission is to protect the public by examining and certifying competence in the practice of acupuncture, Chinese herbology, and Asian bodywork therapy. NCCAOM certification is required in the majority of the states for the practice of acupuncture and Chinese herbology. The practitioner locator at their website includes over 10,000 listings for certified acupuncturists.
The ACAOM is a national accrediting commission for established acupuncture and Oriental medicine schools and colleges. The U.S. Department of Education recognizes it as a “specialized and professional” accrediting agency. It is also recognized by the Council on Post Secondary Education (COPA).
The CCAOM is an organization of schools and colleges of acupuncture and Oriental medicine. Their mission is to advance acupuncture and Oriental medicine by promoting educational excellence within the field. Their website contains a directory of more than 63 member institutions in the U.S.
American Society of Acupuncturists
The ASA is a national federation of state-based acupuncture and East-Asian medicine associations in the United States. Through strengthening the profession at the state level while promoting collaboration nationally and internationally, the ASA provides its members, the public, legislators, and regulators resources for ensuring the best expression of this ancient and modern medicine.

MAAOM is a voting member of the ASA with one delegate on the ASA council.
The AAAOM is an umbrella organization representing the acupuncture profession in the United States. It assisted in the formation of both the NCCAOM and the CCAOM (see above).
SAR is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting scientifically sound inquiries into the clinical efficacy, physiological mechanisms, patterns of use and theoretical foundations of acupuncture, herbal therapy, and other modalities of Oriental medicine.

Outside the U.S.
The CMAAC was established to unite practitioners and lobby the government for regulation of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. Among its objectives are to establish high standards of education and training for practitioners and to assist in the exchange of scientific research.
EATCM is an umbrella organization dedicated to exchanging information and promoting cooperation between its members in order to establish Traditional Chinese Medicine as a distinct medical modality based on high educational standards. It is their aim to provide freedom of movement for practitioners across Europe. Member organizations are based in Belgium, Switzerland, Finland, Germany, England, The Netherlands, and Sweden.
The BAcC is one of the members of the EATCM (see above). It represents professional acupuncturists in the UK who have an extensive training in acupuncture and the biomedical sciences appropriate to this therapy. It maintains standards of education, ethics, practice, and discipline to ensure the health and safety of the public.
As Europe’s “first fully independent and democratic umbrella organization for Traditional Chinese Medicine,” the mission of EUROTCM is the pursuit, preservation and dissemination of knowledge and professionalism in Traditional Chinese Medicine with a global perspective.
PRTCM is an Irish-based professional body, which promotes and protects the professional interests and medical standards of fully qualified practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine throughout Ireland and the UK.
The AACMA is a national professional association of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners and is the primary means of regulating and representing practitioners in Australia. It represents over 80% of qualified practitioners in Australia.
The NZ Register is comprised of a group of highly skilled practitioners who specialize in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It works to ensure the highest standards of ethics and professionalism among its members. The NZ Register is affiliated with the AACMA (see above).
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